Emily wearing a fishnet body stocking.

Beautiful Emily love wearing a very tight all fishnet body stocking shakes her money maker. Photographer Oliver is a happy man. He gets a lot of chicks! Blondes, brunettes, redheads, black, white and beautiful. Well I think you get the point, they're all here on one erotic site NDM dedicated to what every man dreams about at night and thinks about during the day. Enjoy the best pinup high-res photography and HD video anywhere, including see thru fishnet stockings.

Brunette in full fishnet body stocking.

What a photo. Click on to show full size. This one is my favorite. Wow. I love those fishnet, Goddess! They look fantastic on her perfect nude ass and legs. It makes me squirm... A black textile with an open, diamond shaped knit is most used as a material for pantyhose, stockings, tights and bodystockings. What's your fetish friend of mine?

Who is Oliver Klozov?

A few days ago I posted an articles and hot photos of beautiful women created by Russian photographer Oliver Klozov. Who is he? Oliver was born in the house of his Grandmother, Olga Munzer, in the winter of 1965. He and his mother lived with Grandma Munzer for most of his childhood. Oliver enjoyed playing sports and even participated in track and field. Being a small c h i l d, Oliver ran the one mile in around 5 minutes 30 seconds. He was not the best in his school, but he was successful. Dating for Oliver was not easy. Living with his mother and grandmother made things difficult because he had to act as "man of the house" and had very little free time (outside of track and field). Oliver, however, did have opportunity to date what he calls "the love of his life" during his last year in high school. Alana and Oliver were engaged to be married when she was killed in an automobile accident just 3 months before high school graduation.

Oliver Klozov Russia

Because of this tragedy, Oliver dropped out of school and joined the Russian army at the age of 17. The army was a great experience for Oliver. He was assigned to work on a Russian battle ship as "On Board Historian". It was his job to chronicle every stop the ship made around the world, and take images. This was the first time that Oliver ever used a camera. He fell in love with the idea of saving images and creating lasting memories, so he began taking pictures of every crewmember on the ship, and soon photographing everyone he became close to. After 3 years in the army, Oliver returned home to his grandmothers house and assumed his role once again. Having the experience in the army prompted Oliver to get a job at the local newspaper as a staff photographer. This job did not last more than three months because he got fired for misuse of the photo developing materials. One of Oliver's co-workers caught him developing what was called "Indecent material", and was thus terminated. If you couldn't guess, the pictures he was developing were nude photographs of a girl that lived two towns away.

Almost naked babe in silver micro bikini in bath tube.

The girl, Katarina Wolfen, and Oliver continued to take photographs for the better part of two years. They were able to get other girls to pose for his camera, and creating an obsession for Oliver. Every time he would look at a women, he would wonder what she would look like with all of her clothes off. He admits that he used Katarina to draw the other girls to his garage studio so he may photograph them. Although he never really loved Katarina, they were engaged to be married when they were both 22 years old. Whether it was his engagement to Katarina or just his incredible talent as a photographer, success came easy and fast. After selling photos to a Russian skin magazine, Oliver soon realized his obsession would soon be his career.

  Today Oliver is one of the most successful and wealthy photographers in the world. With homes in the south of France, Greece, USA, Brazil, and a modest mansion on the property where he grew up, Oliver, is truly living every man's dream. Traveling the world, Oliver is continually taking erotic or non nude photographs of the most beautiful women, and says he has no plans to ever be married. When asked about Katarina, he laughs and say's, "Ya, I guess I am still engaged to what's her name".

Oliver has had his art photographs featured in museums and galleries around the world, and enjoys capturing women in what he calls "their native beauty". To Oliver, every female body is a landscape all it's own, and should be admired from a far, as well as close up. You will notice that he shoots some models in a studio and others in outdoor or a home setting. He explains this by saying "Some women are more comfortable at home". Although he as photographed 1000's of girls, he still loves what he is doing, and says that the love is only second to his love for Alana. He will continue shooting nude models for as long as he can because he says that is how he is able to express his undying love for Alana through his art photography. See his erotic art portfolio and see the beauty what I'm talking about.

Wet female erotic model. See thru wet panties and t-shirt.

Blonde shows her spicy ass.

I found an old photo of famous blonde Lexus Lane. What a babe. Her spicy ass is hot. I wanna get the address and contact details of this model. Getting a blonde to pose for erotic pics is pretty easy. But she is a diva and creating erotic art photography is very hard work. This image has been created by russian photographer Oliver Klozov. If you want see this model in one piece swimsuits, lingerie or body stockings and body thongs then visit "next door models" site and enjoy.

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Two nude women.

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Two nude women.

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