Shiny lesbian women in tight latex.

Two hot women dressed in shiny tight latex outfits and boots.

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In this hot scene, Rubber Doll slides into a shiny long latex pants and boots and assumes the role of a sophisticated dirty whore who summons her poor latex maid into her parlor. This mistress demands immediate service and uses her poor submissive maid as a human ashtray for her long cigarette holder. She also has quite a mean-streak if her submissive disobey. Her maid, played by gothic hottie K-La Mayhem, learns this lesson quickly when she accidentally spills her mistress's cosmo.  Her skirt comes up and her perfectly pale ass cheeks get spanked until they are bright pink. Then the extreme big dildo comes out and the little rubber maid gets to enjoy some pleasure. Must bee seen. Enjoy and cum on shiny women.

Shiny women in tight latex stockings and boots.

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